Brand New Supply Chain, Logistics, & Maritime Port Management

Brand new B.S. in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Maritime Port Management will be offered in the fall of 2017. The following courses are open now to enroll. I will be teaching the first three courses: MGMT 300, MGMT 305, and MGMT 350. In addition to the courses, students may take MGMT 413 Business Information Systems as one of the core courses.

MGMT 300  Introduction to Supply Chain, Logistics and Port Management
This course is designed to provide a foundation in Supply Chain, Logistics and Maritime Port Management. Students will be introduced to the main principles and basic theories of supply chain management including procurement, production, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, logistics, port management features and information management.

MGMT 305 Procurement and Supplier Management
This course is designed to provide a foundation in Procurement and Supplier Management. Students will be exposed to key principles of purchasing and supplier strategies. Role of purchasing in today’s supply chain is re-evaluated to include traditional functions but also competencies gained from partnering with suppliers. Integration of suppliers resources at product development and operational levels will also be examined.

MGMT  350   Decision Intelligence in Supply Chains
This course is designed to equip students with data gathering and analytical skills in the field of supply chain and logistics management. Students will explore what types of data are needed for a variety of issues, what analytical tools can be used, how to use PC based spreadsheet programs and Bloomberg terminals to track trends and relations in data, how to visualize data at hand, and how to create forecast reports to make informed decisions on issues related to effective supply chain and logistics management.

MGMT 306  Logistics and Transportation Management
This course is designed to provide a foundation in Logistics and Transportation Management. Students will be expose to key components involved in the operations of supply chains and evaluate their corresponding transportation options to maximize the efficiency. The fundamental principles utilizing multiple modes of transportation to include air, maritime, and ground transportation will also be explored in this class.

MGMT 310 Port and Intermodal Transportation
This course builds on the theoretical foundation provided by the course: Operations and Management of Transportation. It provides the students an insight into the operational of Port and Intermodal Transportation.

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